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A bit about our Phys Ed programs at Pakenham Primary


Pakenham Primary School - Physical Education

The Physical Education (P.E.) and Sport program at Pakenham Primary School includes a one-hour session of P.E. for every homegroup as well as a two-hour sport session for the senior school. The P.E. sessions for the junior students (LC 1 and LC 2) includes lessons in the Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) of Sports and Games where students learnt about and practice the specific skills required to play various sports and games in the future. Skills such as “kick” for soccer, “catch” for cricket, “overhand throw” for softball, “run” for athletics and “ball bounce” for basketball are all a part of the Fundamental Motor Skills Program


For senior students (LC 4), P.E. lessons include the learning, consolidation and practice of these abovementioned skills, combined with using them within actual game situations.  As well as implementing these skills within games, students are also taught about “game sense”, which means gaining more of an understanding of how specific games are played.


The senior students also take part in a sport specific session on Friday mornings in preparation for events such as a Lightning Premiership days with the Officer Sports District.  In these sessions, students learn about the rules, skills and how to play sports such as basketball, netball, soccer, Tee Ball and cricket. Senior students also have the opportunity to participate in major sporting events such as District swimming, cross country and athletics as well as special basketball days called Hooptime.

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